Meatfist Shavery Foundation

Do you ever feel alone, scared or upset without reason?

You are not alone. In fact, millions and millions of people just like you feel this way every single day of their lives — trapped, alone and helpless. Like you, they are a mess.

I too know how you feel. I too was like you. Then one day, I was finally able to identify the problems in my life that caused me to wake up and decided that I did not want to feel that way any longer — I changed my life, and now I will change yours.

The problems of beardo

Have you encountered beardo before? I have. Beardo is everywhere — from the supermarket, to the library, to the zoo. Beardo is not merely a man with a beard, but a man (or indeed) woman, who exerts danger and bad feeling in their presence. They may not even have facial hair.

Example traits of beardo: smugness, deceit, aloof.

Example traits of human: kindness, openness, awareness.

As you can see, the problem we are dealing with here is not one of mankind, but of beardo.

Do you have a problem fighting, or controlling, the savage beardo forces?

Is beardo ruining your life? Taking your social outings and spuriously ruining them for all mankind? Are you plagued with factoids about meaningless sputum? Assailed with trivial thoughts, tasks, errands, nonsense? Distracted by endless droning about subjects about which you couldn't give a fig?

These are social problems, fixable by social techniques.

We have identified the problems caused by beardo to be corrected by shavery. Shavery, in essence, is the remedy to many situations of beardo. In your distraction, you have allowed beardo to rule the roost. With shavery you will be obliterating Beardo Control, and liberating the situation for others.

This, then, is ubiquity. A wholly new technology for Planet Earth. The cutting edge and culmination of decades of research into the nature and essence of man. Our goal of liberation is required everywhere — but we as mere humans, cannot be everywhere at once. Ubiquity is the key to addressing this unfortunate shortcoming.

With that in mind, let me ask you a simple question...

Would you like to keep beardo working, so that in his distraction, you might be liberated from his savage nature?

In this series of books, videos, meals, events, seminars, scrolls, communiques, floppy disks, tape archives, DVDs and board/video/roleplaying games, you will learn to become ubiquitous.

In this example, beardo is distracted by calls of 'shavery!' from passers by, distracting them from their evil doings and leading people to liberty. Copyright 1976 Gerry X. Meatfist

While for many, this may seem like a tall order, based on halftruths, trickery and deceit, by completing the source material in the books and the accompanying series of courses, you too can learn to become ubiquitous, and liberate yourself and others using shavery. This has many advantages for many different people. I, myself find ubiquity and the techniques of shavery allow me to maintain an extremely healthy work/life balance — one which has made me extremely wealthy, a great business leader and a man of character.

But who am I?

Gerald Xavier Meatfist

Gerry X. Meatfist

Founder of Meatfist Holdings

In 1976, I was just like you. A man. A man with no direction or sense of purpose. That was me, Gerry X. Meatfist in 1976. It was then that I began my study into what I call the human psyche — that is to say, the concepts of man. What is a man? A man is a beast. You are a beast. A man beast. And yet, if I were to approach you at my local marina, oil rig or badminton court, I would probably find you to be extremely unbeastlike indeed.

In order to fight beardo, liberate yourself, your family and this planet, you will need to learn how to become ubiquitous and make your presence felt by every man, woman and child in the locality. While many will ignore this as mere lunacy, an increasing number of people are discovering that my techniques help them to deal with the savage beardo forces they encounter, leaving them better prepared for life and its challenges.

During my lifetime, I achieved many things. In your lifetime, you can achieve many, many more.

The lessons are simple, but very acheivable. I cannot say I will be there to help you myself, but I know many people who will be able to help you.

Take the first step today and contact the people below for more information.

It will be the best thing you do in your entire life.

Sincerely yours,

Gerry X. Meatfist